I’ve been in Chicago for 15 days now, and I have to say, it’s been an incredible transition.

Returning to Threadless in a totally new, tech-focused and product (website not tees) oriented role has been awesome. I get to see progress on new features every day and spend a good amount of time brainstorming, planning and communicating with a handful of people I seriously enjoy interacting with. 

Then there’s post-work Chicago. Other than the few nights when I’ve been somewhat under the weather, I’ve been sitting across tables and at bars with old friends, reconnecting and reminiscing. Whether it’s reuniting with fellow IU alums or meeting new folks in the company & community, each night has been warm, and full of laughter.

A note on logistics: I used airbnb to find and rent a super nice room in a huge condo near the Threadless office for the month of January. Thanks to the fact that airbnb utilizes Facebook’s social graph, I saw that Sam (the guy who lives here all year with his kickass girlfriend Linsey) and I had 16+ friends in common in Chicago. It’s been effortless getting to know them and having friendly folks around is never a bad thing. I’ll definitely miss them when my month here ends, and especially Eli, who looks like Jeff Daniels if Jeff Daniels was a college professor.

Honestly, I’m not sure this process could have gone any better. If all goes well, tomorrow I’ll have signed a lease in a swanky joint in the West Loop and will be figuring out when to fly back to CO to grab Burt.

"Without the bitter, the sweet ain’t as sweet." - Vanilla Sky

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